09 Jan

What is CentOS

CentOS is a Linux distribution (derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux) that is popular with system admins, developers engineers, and home users alike.

The CentOS UNIX operating system distribution may be a stable, inevitable, manageable and reproducible platform derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise UNIX operating system (RHEL). we have a tendency to square measure currently trying to expand thereon by making the resources required by alternative communities to return along and be able to repose on the CentOS UNIX operating system platform. And these days we have a tendency to begin the method by delivering a transparent governance model, exaggerated transparency and access. within the coming back we have a tendency toeks we aim to publish our own road map that has variants of the core CentOS UNIX operating system.

Since March 2004, CentOS UNIX operating system has been a community-supported distribution derived from sources freely provided to the general public by Red Hat. As such, CentOS UNIX operating system aims to be functionally compatible with RHEL. we have a tendency to principally amendment packages to get rid of upstream merchandiser stigmatisation and design. CentOS UNIX operating system is no-cost and absolve to distribute.

CentOS UNIX operating system is developed by atiny low however growing team of core developers. successively the core developers square measure supported by a full of life user community as well as system directors, network directors, managers, core UNIX operating system contributors, and UNIX operating system enthusiasts from round the world.

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Over the approaching year, the CentOS Project can expand its mission to ascertain CentOS UNIX operating system as a number one community platform for rising open supply technologies coming back from alternative comes like OpenStack. These technologies are going to be at the middle of multiple variations of CentOS, as individual downloads or accessed from a custom installer. scan a lot of concerning the variants and interest group teams that turn out them.

The CentOS Project
The CentOS Project may be a community-driven free software system effort centered round the goal of providing a chic base platform for open supply communities to create upon. we’ll offer a development framework for cloud suppliers, the hosting community, and scientific processing, as a number of examples. we have a tendency to work with many ‘upstream’ communities to assist them layer and distribute their software system a lot of effectively on a platform they will have faith in.

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The board
The CentOS board is created from members of the CentOS Project, several of whom are around since the creation of the Project, yet as new members from Red Hat United Nations agency were instrumental in transferral the new relationship along. the main focus of the board is to clergyman the CentOS Project, assist and guide within the progress and development of the varied SIGs, yet on promote CentOS UNIX operating system. For a lot of info scan the governance page.

The Project Structure
The CentOS Project is modelled on the structure of the Apache Foundation, with a board that oversees varied semi-autonomous interest group teams or ‘SIGs’. These teams square measure centered on providing varied enhancements, addons, or replacements for core CentOS UNIX operating system practicality. a number of notable samples of SIGs are:

Core – Building and emotional the core CentOS UNIX operating system platform.
Xen4CentOS – Providing Xen4 support for CentOS vi
CentOS style – rising the user expertise with top quality design

Thanks by https://www.centos.org/about/

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