09 Jan 2018

What is CentOS

CentOS is a Linux distribution (derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux) that is popular with system admins, developers engineers, and home users alike.

The CentOS UNIX operating system distribution may be a stable, inevitable, manageable and reproducible platform derived from the sources of Red Hat Enterprise UNIX operating system (RHEL). we have a tendency to square measure currently trying to expand thereon by making the resources required by alternative communities to return along and be able to repose on the CentOS UNIX operating system platform. And these days we have a tendency to begin the method by delivering a transparent governance model, exaggerated transparency and access. within the coming back we have a tendency toeks we aim to publish our own road map that has variants of the core CentOS UNIX operating system. read more

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23 May 2017

Introduction to EasyApache 4

EasyApache 4 represents a total overhaul of how cPanel & WHM ships and maintains our Apache and PHP distribution. EasyApache installs, configures, updates, and validates your web server, PHP, and other components of your web server. read more

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