04 May

Microsoft New Free Cross-Platform Editor for Linux, OSX and Windows

At its Build Developer conference, announced the launch of light-weight cross-platform code editor named Visual Studio Code. The new code editor is aimed towards writing modern web and cloud applications for Linux, OSX and platforms.

Microsoft Visual Studio Code is still in preview but is fully functional. This marks the first time that Microsoft has released a true cross-platform code editor. The full Visual Studio is still Windows only though, but releasing a cross platform editor shows Microsoft’s new strategy for supporting other platforms.

Visual Studio Code is quite different from the otherwise similarly named Visual Studio. It is lighter and designed for code editing only while the complete Visual Studio remains a much larger Integrated Environment (IDE) which consists of everything from form editors to database integration.

Microsoft’s Corporate VP of its Developer Division stated :
A lot of people use Windows as their development environment but we are also seeing a lot of people on Linux and Mac. Instead of making them go to Windows, we want to meet them where they are.
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