04 Feb

Non Human Web Traffic

It is both astonishing and surprising to know that out of all the global web traffic, non-human web traffic accounts for 61.5% As the graph below shows that Human generated web traffic only accounts 38.5 of total web traffic and rest comes from bots that are both and good and with even substantial share for Spams, hackers and content scrapers.

These days, you may be getting more non-human visitors to your website than human visitors — and you may not even be aware of it.  And those non-humans visiting your site may be there to do it harm.

What is a Bot?

A bot is a small robot-like software app that roams the Internet, jumping from site to site.  There are good bots and bad bots.

A good bot is sent out by another site (say, Google) to collect information or to perform a specific task, and it jumps from site to site via the links on each site.

The good kind are typically search engine bots that index your site, such as the GoogleBot. This kind of bot traffic makes up 31% of that 61.5% of bot traffic.  You can pretty much trust and forget these good bots. They will do their business and then quickly be on their way. However, still keep one eye on them, because some bad bots have been known to disguise themselves as GoogleBots.

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