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Compare Joomla Drupal WordPress

Joomla vs Drupal vs WordPress – Confused about which one to decide for your site or blog? Picking a Content Management System for your site? Not idea about which CMS is the best decision for you? With such a large number of alternatives accessible this can be an exceptionally confounding choice to make.

When you get around to settling on those essential choices about building a site one inquiry you should answer is the thing that kind of CMS (content administration framework) you will intend to utilize. Nowadays many individuals want to utilize a substance administration framework for building a blog or site as it makes it a great deal simpler for individuals with no website composition experience to roll out minor improvements to the site, for example, including blog entries, transferring new pictures or making little alters to your key pages

But the most important point is to not select a CMS just based on its reputation. You need to make sure that the features the CMS offer align with the goals and what you want to achieve with the website. The most widely used Content Management Systems and the ones we are going to compare are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

A good CMS will be SEO friendly, conforms to the latest web accessibility and international standards, is flexible to your future needs and offers an excellent return on your investment.

o help you understand better let us look in detail at the primary comparison factors.


All the three WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal offer a similar installation mechanism with slight differences. All of them need basic information from the user like:

  • Database name
  • User id
  • Password

Most users feel that WordPress is the simplest install. Let us look at the Pros and Cons for each.

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  • Minimal install interface and a quick installation process.
  • Hides information needed from user behind 2 stages of installation.
  • Due to its popularity, most of the hosts have made it painless to install WordPress and get started. Many offer dedicated WordPress hosting and include a preinstalled version of WordPress.
  • Hosts offer WordPress installation using cPanel with a few clicks.


  • Does not let the user do any extra configuration during installation.




  • Provides additional options for installation.
  • Preview of the configuration before installation starts.
  • The requirement for installer folder deletion for security.
  • Most hosts offer installation through cPanel requiring no technical knowledge.


  • Not many hosts offer Joomla specific hosting.




  • Though complex, the process is now evolved to make installation simpler.
  • Most hosts with cPanel offer Drupal installation with a single click.


  • Most users feel the installation is complex and lengthy.
  • Joomla Drupal WordPress

    Joomla Drupal WordPress

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