23 May

Introduction to EasyApache 4

EasyApache 4 represents a total overhaul of how cPanel & WHM ships and maintains our Apache and PHP distribution. EasyApache installs, configures, updates, and validates your web server, PHP, and other components of your web server.

EasyApache 4 provides for site owners, server owners, server administrators, and application developers.

cPanel & WHM does not require that you use EasyApache, but it provides an easy and convenient method to modify your web server. Your cPanel & WHM license includes the EasyApache software.

cPanel & WHM installs EasyApache 4 by default on new installations of systems that run cPanel & WHM version 58 or higher.

5 Reasons You Want to be Using EasyApache 4

  1.  Building with EasyApache 4 is Fast
  2. Updating with EasyApache 4 is Automatic
  3. EasyApache 4 includes PHP7 Support
  4. EasyApache 4 supports multiple versions of PHP
  5. It’s easy to get started with EasyApache 4
    Bonus: Our EasyApache 4 RPMs are open source!

EasyApache 4 leaves BETA in v58, but won’t be supported on CentOS 5. In case you missed it, v56 is the last to support CentOS 5. If you want the benefits of EasyApache 4, it’s time to migrate! Our Server Configuration additions to the Transfer Tool make it easier than ever, so what’s holding you back?

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